What is Fablane? 

Fablane is a lifestyle blog that encompasses everything from health and wellness to beauty, to relationships and everything in between -really just things I enjoy writing about.

Why the name ‘Fablane’?  

There’s not much to it, I just really liked the name. I’d like to think I’m fabulous and I don’t mean the diamonds and Rosé kind of way. I mean the happy kind of fabulous, or the healthy kind of fabulous. I strive for a life full of fabulous experiences and Fablane is just a way I document it.

What to expect? 

This project is my labour of love. Sure it’s girly and a little fluffy, but that’s how I would describe myself, to be honest. But there’s a lot of valuable information here. You’ll notice that health and wellness is the prevalent theme on this site and I make it a point to speak to experts who can shed some light on what I’m writing about.

Is Fablane an expert? 

I wouldn’t call myself an expert but my site is full of information and commentary from experts that I am interested in speaking to. Readers should not take the content on this site as advice but should always speak to a healthcare professional when making any health-related decisions.